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Our 16 Step Content Marketing Automation Strategy Process

marketing automation agency6S Marketing is a marketing automation agency that can help you integrate your current digital marketing campaigns with your content marketing and automation strategy.

Content marketing is not about reaching more people — it’s about connecting with the right people. This means shifting gears, moving away from the message and making customers the focus. With audiences who are more discerning than ever, successful marketers need to create and deliver tailored content that evolves with each prospect across the buyer’s journey. This requires having a clear picture of exactly who we’re trying to reach, what content will resonate with them, and how it impacts their decision-making process.


A Sample Process in 4 Stages

1. Plan

  • Define Business Challenges and Objectives
  • Address Resources and Budgets
  • Conduct Internal Discovery
  • Set Goals and Benchmarks for Insights

2. Strategize

  • Brainstorm Buyer Personas
  • Map the Buyer’s Journey
  • Workshop with Key Stakeholders
  • Incorporate Insights from Past Campaigns

3. Implement

  • Outline the Communication Workflows
  • Create the Corresponding Landing Pages
  • Design the Email Templates
  • Marketing Automation Considerations

4. Launch

  • Perform Data Migration and Updates
  • Customize Analytics and Reporting
  • Link Digital Marketing and Media Strategies
  • QA and Deployment


Marketing Automation Agency Services

A strong content marketing and marketing automation process enables you to serve content you know your audience wants — now you can optimize your strategy for the exact right person, place, and time. More importantly, this process directly informs your overall digital marketing strategy, ensuring even greater reach, engagement, and conversions across channels.


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